The Best Ideas Are Free

Hey you! Yes you. I know what you want. You want a book that is short and snappy. You can get an idea in 30 seconds, pick it up and run with it. Problem is books aren't written that way. Not anymore! This book contains 63 ideas to make you rethink the world around you.

To the right are a series of videos Ben has prepared to give you more information on the book.

This book is perfect for:

  • - Entrepreneurs
  • - Small Business Owners
  • - People that make things happen
  • - Those who wish to understand new media
  • - Or finally those that need some inspiration, new ideas or fresh perspectives

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Enjoy - Ben (


Introducing myself

Why are the best ideas are free?

Why are there 63 Ideas? (why not 10, 50, 100?)

Is this book for you?

Themes of the book

How the book came about

Thanks for watching

Ben Young

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Ben Young is a young (funny that) guy that loves to make things happen, determining at a young age he was going to do it his way he has done just that. A serial entrepreneur, veteran internet marketer and blogger Ben is all about ideas, sharing them daily on his blog (for free) and pioneer of the Pay What You Want Marketing advice, his voice is one to listen to. Learn More...

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